White/Blue – Part II

(part I here)

Ice on the edge of space

She slept of course, that’s how she’d gotten there. Trapped in a dream that travelled across sky and time. It wasn’t far really, not within her scheme of things. Europa was really the backyard to Earth’s green and blue house; compared to the places she’d been and seen. The trip was quick, a blink of the inner eye for her. Sleeping, forming, and settling into something new in which to emerge from. No-one knew she had left, she made it that way. It wasn’t sneaking out the backdoor or running away, merely moving to the place she knew she would blossom. Unfold in the weighted gravity and expand like the sea coral in her mind.

Getting there was the easy part. She would not miss her home moon, she was not one for looking back. Too many shards of ice poking her into a position she knew she’d outgrown. She had breathed her last and stepped into her waiting transport, bidding a silent farewell to her gods, before becoming one herself. She had shaken her teeth out, burying them deep into the subterranean ice, like planting a seed without the expectation of growth. A silly ritual, one from her childhood. Sealing overt the past and welcoming a new dawn. She’d marked the spot with taldium stones. Smooth onyx rocks that looked like fillings from a gigantic beast. This was all she left behind. New teeth grew inside her as she’d slept in the transport, hurtling across the cosmos as the milk teeth grew and fused together in the depths of space.

Her heart had guided it. The comet that buckled and flayed in the pressures of the vast unknown. Steaming up in the re-entry to a land she’d never entered before. It had lit up the sky across a remote part of china, heralding change and ill omens to the many onlookers who captured it in their eyes as they gathered around their small communal fires. Her heart beat, her skin stretched. Her mind collapsed a million times only to be reborn and steer the transport to that spot. A spot chosen, not for its ease or any strategic opportunity. It was chosen for its sole reason alone, the reason she had left Europa in the first place. It was where the one was, the one who could change her and perhaps, even save her.

Detach and connect

Steam began to gather around them now, the snow and air evaporated temporarily while the remains of the comet and the contents hissed and spewed in the hole in the ground. The lady of the jars didn’t hesitate, she hoped into the hole and began pulling away at the stray tendrils that had not joined the body. She pulled and heaved, working it free and pulling it away like a tooth from a root. Her hands were raw from the cold, but the blue liquid quickly covered them and the pain subsided. She was resourceful, years of chopping wood for her fire and toiling her own yard had given her strength and determination. She lifted the body like a doll off the floor, heaving it over her should; the doll now a sack of flour to be carried into her cottage. Snow began to cover the hole, the marked earth smeared black and blue began to be covered once more in the blanket of white the lady of the jars had always cherished. Soon there would be little evidence of any visitor. It was a secret she was eager to keep to herself, and with that thought she hurried quickly inside.

Closing the door, she took the body over to the fire in her living room. Her house was sturdy, and she could only just hear the howling blizzard outside, the fire crackling over the sound of the perpetual winter. She placed the body carefully, then stoked the fire before taking off her cardigan which was now wet with melted snow and ice. The blue liquid began to slacken, but it did not pool off onto the floor; instead it collected into droplets which lifted up into the air, disappearing like tiny ghosts.  She stood back and watched the transformation, the cocooned being separating into the body of a girl. The hair and skin humming to life with a florescent radiance which faded to healthy glow. The girl’s eyes suddenly blinked open and she sat up. Her eyes, those azure wells that pierced the room flashed and opened up a doorway to another space. A land beyond the stars. The lady of the jars handed her a throw which she kept draped across her good chair, and wordlessly the girl surrounded herself in it. Embracing the warmth and kindness the protection it offered. They sat there in the quiet for some time, having a conversation with no words but levelling out their worlds.

“Tea, that always helps a situation.” The lady said, standing up slowly as not to frighten the girl. The ageless entity that sat on her rug in front of the warming heat. “You stay by the fire, I’ll bring it in.” she said, bustling out into the kitchen. She boiled the kettle and took down the jar of green chai, tipping the leaves merrily into the giant teapot she always had on the side. Though she lived alone, she always devoured copious amounts of tea, and the giant teapot was a testament to it. She filled it up with the bubbling water, and added some crushed almonds, swirling them around inside. She grabbed some small glasses and returned to the living room with the refreshments; popping them down on the side. Though it had been snowing hard and the day was dark, it was now growing darker she noticed, finding the light from the lamp post at the end of her path gaining more strength in the encroaching shadow.

“You must have travelled far, here drink this; it’ll help.” She said, handing the girl a small glass of the tea. The girl reached out with her swan like hand and the lady noticed it then, the etching on her arm. It was a pattern, words even, in some sort of languages; she was sure her book could tell her. These weren’t just dead prints like tattooed skin. The pattern and words swam with life, like a moving aquarium dance of blue hue and light, rippling across the skin, growing strong then faint like a conflicting idea.

“Thank you.” The girl said, reaching for the glass. Her teeth split apart for her to speak, having fused together on her journey. The words were understandable to the lady’s ears, but anyone else from anywhere else would have understood, the language fitting the ear of the listening, wrapping around the mind and settling in the soul. A sweet whisper of a voice, like a feather landing on a petal. Delicate, but hiding a secret strength of flight.

“Are you…” the lady began, but was interrupted by an abrupt and determined knock at her blue door. It wasn’t the pheasants this time, that she knew.



19 thoughts on “White/Blue – Part II

  1. That green chai tea with almonds sounds so delicious! I really love every word and unspoken words about this. It is moving into swirling brilliance of awe inspiring.
    Her comet concoon sounds so beautiful. And I’m very intrigued with pulling out the teeth and burying them ritual. Some kind of sacrifice and renewal with refusing into a new speech. Her whole being and language of skin sounds so beautiful.
    And I wonder what she needs saving from? How she is going to blossom in the backyard of Europa?
    I love the strength of the lady of jars and her childlike excitement with her new visitor.
    I can’t wait for more! And I got the initial sketch completed this weekend. It is up on Instagram.
    Thanks for the inspiration !🙏💙

    Liked by 1 person

    • Tea makes everything better, hehe. I’m glad it’s giving the respect she deserves, though this is only one formation of her. I love your art, and the new one you’ve been working on.
      Teeth i find are useful devices in writing, and in this case, to conjure ritual and individual connection. Also something a little otherly about teeth and how they come out. And yes, the lady of the jars is full of surprises…as you will see 😉

      Liked by 1 person

      • 😊 thanks. I only have the sketch done but you may use if you think it works in the storytelling. I thought about posting it will a small message.
        She is obviously still on Europa warming her hands with a prayer after a swim in the icy ocean below.
        Teeth are odd. Like tree trucks rooted to our gums. And falling leaves our words.

        Liked by 1 person

      • I love the prayer pose and the eyes! Definitely taking shape. Apparently some fish bones are the same as tree trunks, and you tell the age of them to a day apparently. Looking forward to more of the sketch/art!

        Liked by 1 person

    • you summed up my thoughts Naomi. I wondered about those things too especially the teeth and running away from Europa. Mark you take the everyday things and make them into mystical instruments. Like the streetlight, the way the light lengthens and gets stronger with the increasing darkness. oh and I wish I could get a “living” tattoo like that! moving and swimming designs! I kept this story to read at leisure and my head is all a buzz with the images you have conjured up. The lady of the jar and her secrets makes me rub my palms in glee, I so love secrets! Especially if I am creating them. And the teeth! Some babies are born with milk teeth and I felt this sweet creature leaving her teeth behind as a means of finding her way back again like extraterrestrial Gretel! more! more!

      Naomi – going to check out your Instagram posts soon!

      Liked by 1 person

      • Ah, i like the teeth and Gretel notion. I may be borrowing that, I’m glad you both enjoy this, it’s nice and fun to do. gives me a break from the somewhat morose poems as late, and makes me spend time with the ‘fictitious?’ people i admire. Thanks for the kind words, it only encourages me though 🙂 Naomi, let me know if you would like any of the art incorporated….but keep it secret. hehe

        Liked by 2 people

      • I was feeling very low at the end of my Monday and this comment was the very last thing I read and I laughed, seriously laughed out loud at “but keep it secret”! It is such fun , like kids at boarding school, writing coded messages to each other that only we can understand completely. The morose poems are just as valuable my friend, keep churning them out till the darkness lifts.

        Liked by 1 person

      • You know we could be the harry potter kids, crafting our own magic that falls in between the cracks. I hope the lowness has ebbed away, making room for something else. Something nourishing!

        Liked by 1 person

      • something came out of those jars and satiated my hungry soul. it was a delicious treat almost Turkish delight! I would think we are a motley crew of kids but with awesome magic and skills. I do like the notion of creating our own potion. and never losing our childlike wonder of this great universe. thank you for your sugar fine dusting!


      • Okay, now i have to go and get some Turkish delight….the good kind with the sugar dusting and fancy wrapping, I wonder if Mendl’s could help…. 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      • pretty pink boxes with gold letters that promise unimaginably tasty treats! a little oil stain and a thumbprint of sugar. yes! we need that sort of fantasy cake shop and order ourselves a box of dreams.


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  3. A strong leading character in the form of a benevolent and crafty old woman ❤ – I am so happy she is nice and I feel I can trust her. Beautiful images summoned amidst your lines, the mysterious evanescent enveloping fluid, the living tattoo embedded on her skin. Your imagination transports me. I love the world you have created, infuse with poetry and magic. Every word falls seamlessly, every line flows and forms a whole world. I found myself reading some parts out loud just to fully experience the sounds of the tale. You are a true story teller, Mister Ryan. Please keep at it. You have found an avid reader of your fantasy tales in me. I was already a fan. I am now truly conquered.


    • Ahhh, thank you, that’s really kind of you to say. It’s very rewarding knowing people get some much from these little yarns of words. I’m also enjoying writing them so everyone is a winner.

      Liked by 1 person

      • I love fantasy and beautiful poetic words, seamlessly flowing. Your work is exciting and original and your words are embarking us on a smooth ride through this magical realm you summoned. It is all remarkably flowing yet it surprises me and keeps me guessing, which I love. I am having so much fun reading it.

        Liked by 1 person

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