You mean something to someone

These little pieces of a life.
Collected and caught in others eyes.
Will remain permanantly like the light.
Shining forever in their minds.


12 thoughts on “You mean something to someone

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  2. when i read this i thought that someone saying I like you means so much more than I love you could ever in our basic humanity. for to like someone means that the person does mean something to you, like when you like cake and eat it as much as you can means you like it and look out for it and appreciate the value it adds to your life, a simple joy without which life would be dull and conventional. love is too intense but like that’s candy floss over the heart. like your writing my friend it makes me sit up and summon the light.


    • that’s an interesting view point, i hadn’t thought of that. I suppose it’s the shift of obligation from like to love. Also, you can love someone and not like them…the complications of the heart. Thank you for sitting up and reading and liking 🙂

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      • its the complications that give such depth to our lives. If we can separate love from like, we see people for who they truly are and appreciate them for it, too often these two get confused and people leave because one feeling doesn’t balance out the other, but should it ever? Thank you for entertaining my midnight musings, my oil was running low, thanks for the re-fuel!


      • I think then you must seek out the person who is willing to make the imbalance work. All parts, all the time – love should be unconditional. And thank you for stoking my own fire in my mind!

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