World is spinning (旋转失控)

Electric vertebrae, tasting the wavelengths.
Calling out on the ocean of time.
Feel it pulse, shimmer and shake in my bones.
I Saw it in the I, Ching.
Consult, consult, confer.
Disturbed state of mind.
Eating black ice cubes on a whitewashed day.
Soaked in the rain of the juniper tears.
Slipping into each pore, devouring me once more.
Oh that little friend of mine.
Dropping plastic swords and fighting to stay alive.
Now in a trance, and feeling it once more in my heartbeats.
The kick drum of immortality.
Dip this moment in bronze, and tie me to a plinth.
Whispers, all around like welcomed sound.
Dripping once more into cosmic dreams.


7 thoughts on “World is spinning (旋转失控)

  1. You know I don’t ever dream! But the shiver and shimmer on my bones were real reading this. Black ice cubes reminded me of frozen squid, our haul after being out at sea for the day. May was squid season here!!


  2. I love the artwork/gif too! Heroin so appealing on the senses and then so terrifyingly gripping on the soul.
    Love the line about being soaked in the rain of Jupiter tears. And black ice cubes, as I think of it, decaying pleasures.

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