Into stars

Bury us where we fall.
Let the pillars of salt tumble, washed away in the monsoon rains.
Stain our souls with an oil of an age.
Squeezed from the ruby fruit swallowed by God.
Bones break and winds change.
Breathing a new time and vision to assemble.
Unpack the dreams that were lost to us.
Glow them out like phosphorus diamonds in our minds.
Let us turn and change in the weather.
Weathered too many storms and cracked by too many winters.
Lay down into the ivy and close the eyes of the young.
Speak tender words of softened touches and understanding.
Leave us to fade into time, our sorrow to crumble like stone.
Speak our names as we finally disappear.
And turn back to stardust

8 thoughts on “Into stars

    • Oh, no censoring here. Feel free to say what you think and what you felt. Poetry is open to interpretation and reflects what you brings as much as you take away. There’s running themes in most of my work, death is prominent oddly, but also time in this one. Glad you enjoyed it ether way.

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  1. So heavenly and beautiful Mark….and really intrigued with the line, “Lay down into the ivy and close the eyes of the young”
    Also, “speaking our names” us dreamers? to disappear and turn back into stardust
    I like “ruby fruit” too.
    A healing poem. ❤️


    • Thank you, yes it was the look at death not as the horrible uncertainty that it’s sold to us as. I liked the ruby fruit part, think i heard it somewhere…reductive i’m afraid. hehe

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