Six degrees of disintegration

Paper soul dancing by life’s flame.
Burn again. Born again.
Over and over like a universe collapsing.
Coming to bleed out the dark.
A dangerous dialysis of oil and tar.
Coming here to disappear.
Smearing your soul across the world for all the birds to see.
Nothing could bring you closer.
Shooting at phantoms.
Nothing would bring you down.
Dreaming those dreams in which to lose yourself.
Powered chalk on other’s fingertips.
Dirtying up your memories.
Falling to climb but never finding your wings.
Reconciled the misery with a loss of innocence.
That sweet little heart.
You gathered your bones up to say goodbye.
Breaking at your most beautiful.
And crawling out of your skin.
Leave, hoping for them to take you.
The vanishing calling.

10 thoughts on “Six degrees of disintegration

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    • I glad you liked it, i think this is a strong poem and encapsulates quite a lot. I like the idea of a soul having a pilot like that we either feed or try to snub out. Fire fear, i hope no further incidents ignite that agitation.

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      • The soul definitely has a flame that has to be watched carefully. Can burn us or others all down. And yes, I think it is part of reincarnation….thermodynamics romanizations I suppose I’m interested in lately.

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