Nuclear shadows

I cannot unwind the clock in my skull.
The ticking over time that set all the world ablaze.
Who knew the day, when the sky darkened.
And fate eclipsed my heart.
Those running for cover.
Scattering like pebbles on a beach.
Lapped by a sea of hatred.
I cling to the groceries in my hand.
Fruit, dehumidified in my grasp.
Turning into mummies like the bodies nearby.
Burnt in an undignified splendour.
What escaped hell that day?
Let loose by righteous souls who knew better.
A holy war into the mouth of the devil.
As the fire crinkled in the sky, it burnt down upon us.
Imprinting my soul into the pavement where I stood.
Nuclear shadows, snapped like the sun shuttering.
God, turning his head away and closing his eyes.
The light of an age, swimming around those that twinkled inside.
But how soon those lights were gone.


7 thoughts on “Nuclear shadows

  1. would it happen that way? when God says enough and turns away? always contemplating where we go from here, what happens to this age, who records it like we know of the ice age? sadly eye opening to see how the world turns.


    • Yes, painfully eye opening sometimes. I came across the nuclear shadows whilst reading something, how the image of those caught in the atomic blast was imprinted forever in the concrete. Creepy and haunting, and sad.

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      • I have met some who survived the Hiroshima bomb , scarred badly and deformed, as well as those who were affected genetically from it from living miles around the centre of devastation, it is a nightmare of our present time. imprinted forever in the concrete – this is so graphically painful. this was a more meaningful one than the rest Mark.


      • Oh my word.. Living history. You must wonder if it’s better to live through that or not. Sounds terrible. Yes, was a little deeper as i felt pulled but the topic.


      • As a student I had a chance to attend a nuclear physics conference in Japan and there happened to be a special memorial for these survivors and victims. It was sad yet inspiring that they lived to tell. Some horrors never dull over time. Your piece was deep. I will ask again in wonder how you get the messages!

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      • Thank you. That sounds like an interesting conference. Disturbing but something we must remember, with the likes of those running around now talking of more atomic weapons

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