Remembering myself

These days wash through me like the rain.
As this greying world fades.
Earth descending. Blurring off on the horizon.
The winter chill lingers over my future like an old man’s grip.
Choking me into anonymity.
Freezing the hope in my lungs.
How many times must I travel to the lighthouse?
Climbing the rocks that make my feet and heart bleed.
Insurmountable despondency. Wrapped in a sold version of existence.
The reins and remains of the day fall loose in my palm.
Sweating in the fear of losing all I have, and all I will ever be.
Clocking the years as they hurry through me like ghosts on a train.
Feeling like a stranger in my own life.


4 thoughts on “Remembering myself

  1. made me think about losing all the memories I have stored inside where no one else can see, what happens when I become a stranger in my own life – either through chemical imbalance or dead cells. When that days arrives and i read my own stories how will it bring back the memories? Taking me down the rabbit hole again with this one! Good job!

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    • Thank you. I think our legacy that we leave behind is important. Only we remember it all, but how others are treated will be remembered as our imprint on earth. I know yours will be sweet memories of enchantment .

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      • always thinking of others before yourself – its a disease known to spread among those who feel the same you know – i hope to leave an imprint as significant as yours one day – on the hearts and souls you touch with your kind of poetry, rhyme and reason. Thank you!


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