Repossess as repose

It’s too bad that all the fairy tales died.
As you chase the dragon in your own mind.
Round and round you go.
Cutting yourself and soaking your shoes.
From a distance you see this all for what it is;
just a speck on a sphere hurtling through space.
A blink in the eye of God.
Where is the echo of paradise?
Ringing in your mind like a long forgotten song.
Come down and rest a while, at the banks of this land.
Let the witches and wicked fight among themselves.
The lovers and liars who are on the brink of it all.
Hold on as we swirl, faster through a cosmic system.
Dropping all Cinderella tendencies and thoughts of being saved.
As you speed into the unknown, to save yourself.
Sweet princess of your own night.

4 thoughts on “Repossess as repose

  1. I love the way you express yourself in powerful words woven with dark truth into rich, heavy tapestries. I was intrigued with your description of our hearts need for hope being crushed with the death of fairy tales. I believe in a metanarrative that was written before there were people or planets.

    Soon the night is silent again.
    God comes.
    Infinity to infant.
    God comes quiet.
    A kingly birth hails from a defeated throne. The Branch of David, the rightful heir to the throne, is a banner of salvation to all of the world. The babe is Lord at His birth. Emmanuel. God is here with us.

    So, what is this story of Christmas?
    Is it nothing more than a made up fairy-tale?
    This story is true for it is written by God Himself. It isn’t “once upon a time”; for this story never ends which is why eternity is written on our hearts.

    I love your writing. Thanks for sharing it. Sheila


    • You’re very welcome, thanks for taking the time to comment. It was very much from the perspective that we all have within us the power to write our own destinies…or to at least change it. In the big picture, some of live’s pettiness really does not matter. I’m glad you enjoyed it, i am proud of this one.

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