Rain on the highway. The black sea smeared ahead of us.
Running on empty and water in the fuel.
You push me, then shiver over my spirit.
Taking me higher, sweet ecstatic clouds of chaos.
Pulling me under, pushing me forward.
Your hand gripping the bed as I shudder into our future.
Raining out our destiny.
Plotting our destination.
Getting lost and hopeful. Wondering and wandering in euphoric bursts.
You call me down, and buckle me in.
Pulling tight enough to know I’m safe, yet free to leave.
And then we kiss, and all fades to red. The back lights in my head.
Petrol fumes and heroin in my heart.
Pedal to the metal, shortcut to my soul.
I close my eyes and grip for your hand. Finding nothing but air and a gaping car door.
The mouth to misery and my own destruction.
As I headlong into my crash and burn.

22 thoughts on “Crash

    • Thanks, i wanted it to feel quite jarring and uncomfortable. Though perhaps it would work better in reverse. Glad you liked it.


    • Thank you, and thanks for the reblog. The image is quite provocative…and representative. (hehe) Glad you enjoyed it.


  1. when you are in a crash time moves in slow motion and i think there would be sufficient time to think all these thoughts before your head finally hit the windshield. more regrets and what ifs than sweet thoughts though. good work!


    • Good point, can imagine time would slow down. Emotional crashes as equally as destructive. And the remains are always scrapped off the windshield so we can see our new destination. Show must go on. Thabk you though.

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